Have you ever wondered where your waste ends up? No, it's not in the belly of a whale! At Beau-fils, they end up in your shirts. Yes, you read correctly ! Our shirts are made from recycled PES, transforming your discarded waste into chic pieces. And that's not all ! You won't find any heavy metals or pesticides in our creations, because for us, recycling is not just a trend, it's a responsibility. So you can strut around in style while being an environmental superhero.

Parcels that Plant Trees

Do you love ordering from Beau-fils? We love shipping too! But with a little extra something: with each package sent, a tree is planted. No, we don't make elves work for this. In addition to making you look stylish, each purchase contributes to:

  • Ship without adding an iota of carbon to the atmosphere.
  • Absorb that nasty carbon hanging around in the air.
  • Store this carbon for a decade (or more!).
  • And all thanks to natural methods like reforestation and carbon storage in the soil.

We bear these costs. Because, honestly, trees have a lot more to offer than just shade in the summer.

Did you know that Belgians are fans of recycling clothes?

Eh yes ! In our flat country, we don't let our old clothes end up in landfills. They are recovered, transformed, reinvented! So, if you are Belgian, be proud and be part of this recycling adventure.

If your clothes are still frisky:

  • Make it a gift! To friends, your neighbors or your mother-in-law.
  • Resell it! Vinted, Le Bon Coin, or even during that flea market where you wanted to buy a vintage lamp.
  • Do a good deed and donate it to the Red Cross. They will pamper him and entrust him to someone who needs him.

Or, head to the Relais TERRE terminal! They are everywhere, like cafes. More than 2500 in Belgium. That's exactly the same number as beers brewed in our dear Belgium (Roger has tasted almost all of them)! To find yours, click here: Chez Terre

Focus on ASBL Terre, in a few figures

As for recycling: their members are sorting warriors! They recover no less than 36,000 tonnes of textiles each year. Imagine, it’s almost the weight of 7,200 elephants 🐘! And the craziest? 85% of all this is brought up to date!

  • On the work side: Belgium is not idle! 900 people work full time, and 500 others in professional integration in their second-hand textile sector.
  • On the heart side: It's not all just rags! Profits ? They return to where they are most useful. In solidarity projects, whether in our pretty little country or under sunnier skies. Because after all, fashion is also about solidarity!

So, before throwing away that floral t-shirt (why did you buy it?!), think about recycling. It's good for the Earth, for your conscience and for someone else's style. Everybody wins !