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Free yourself from wrinkles!

Say goodbye to hours spent ironing your shirts!

Challenge stains and odors!

Accidents are no longer a problem! Our stain-resistant shirts repel liquids and stains like magic.

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The problem

Shirts, those naughty pieces of fabric, love to wrinkle at the slightest pretext. Their buttons, true artists of disengagement, always come off at the worst moment. Tasks ? They are there to remind us that gravity is our sworn enemy.

It pisses me off too!

The solution

At Beau-Fils, we don’t care about creasing! Our shirts are smoother than your stepson's path to success. The buttons on our shirts are so well-raised that they only come off when you want them to.

Tasks? No worries, our shirts are immune to those awkward coffee spills.

With Beau-Fils, the only thing that hurts is the competition!

Lecture Vidéo Carrée

More sustainable development

From design to our packaging (which is 100% recycled too!), Beau-Fils strives to make the Earth smile. Join us in our quest to help the planet, one shirt at a time. Together, we will make the Earth as green as freshly mown grass...and as beautiful as our shirts!